Good News in Minneapolis

Here is a great story from the Presbyterian Church, USA, about a Minneapolis church in decline that made a faithful plan to continue ministry in their neighborhood after their church closed.  The link is:

Some signs of wisdom that I see in both the churches in this story are:

* The former congregation began the tradition of listening to the neighborhood, and the new church carried that on.

* The church defined their effort as “revitalization”, even though they probably knew their own church would close before a new ministry was created. 

* The denomination had a vehicle for support through grant funding that focused not on maintaining the old model, but expected the creation of a new church model that emphasized community outreach

* The former church was excited about witnessing the outcome of their effort

* The work was done patiently over several years

* The former church never really gave up its efforts to reach out to its community through the sharing of resources with other churches and community groups

* The new church exists in partnership with ten congregations and doesn’t expect to “go it alone”. 

There is a lot of Good News in this story.  When you think about churches at risk that you know of, which of these positive signs could they build on to plan for a legacy to future ministries?

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