Tom Ehrich’s Future Church

You may want to read what Tom Ehrich is saying in The Presbyterian Outlook about some possible new trends for churches to get ready for.  They are just his educated guesses about what the church may look like in the future, but they help churches today consider what “sacred cows” they should consider putting out to pasture.   Does a church need to own a building?  What if some people want to skip Sunday morning worship and meet in small week-night groups instead?  Are the respected “elders” always the best people for leadership positions?   As we move into the future, some of those old assumptions will need to be shed.

What this article doesn’t touch on is those things churches need to cling to and preserve in changing times.  While we stress about the changing medium, we should also be contemplating the enduring message of God’s good news, and why it is important to find new vessels to carry that message forward.

Sure, we will have to slaughter some sacred cows.  But what is the “pearl of great price” that will be preserved?

Read Tom Erlich’s story here.

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