Lenten Reflection for Travelers


It’s such a narrow, rocky path.  And the dark side of sin clouds our way.            How can we squeeze through such a passage?                                                           Please don’t make me do this…and yet, it’s so wide and bright and glorious over there.    That’s where our hearts yearn to be.  

I am off to visit my father in Seattle this week.  He is 85 now, and in some ways he is not the father I once knew, because dementia has altered the way his brain functions.  Yet in other ways, he still shines with that same old spirit he always had, and I am so thankful that we can be father and daughter, even if it’s in a new way. 

As I prepared this week, with mixed feelings, to go visit him, I was happy to come across this photo and reflection from Gail O’Neal, one of our gifted staff members at the Wisconsin  Conference United Church of Christ.     It reminds me that when we look past our fear of the unkown, we may glimpse that better country God is calling us to.   No matter how things change, or how perilous the journey, we always travel in the presence of a loving Father toward a destination better than the place we came from.

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