In the Company of Birds

So I’m writing a check at the grocery store this morning and I realized it’s May 21st–you know, the day some Christians say the Rapture is coming.  I don’t know which Christians are making this claim, only that it’s been a butt of jokes among some of us more “refined” Christians.  Apparently, it’s also a joke to the grocery store clerk, who said, “Yeah, when I heard that the world was gonna end today, I just cracked up.” 

She laughs at the time to come.         Proverbs 31:25

Anyway, it occurred to me that maybe I better make good use of this day, since it might be my last on earth.  So here’s what I’m gonna do:

I’m gonna drink my favorite tea and put on some Irish music because it makes me feel good.  I’m gonna sit on the porch with a cat on my lap.  I’m gonna crack a boiled egg, the ones home grown by my friend Jim, and eat it by the open window, in the company of the birds at the feeder: the rose-breasted grosbeak, the indigo bunting, the oriole and the goldfinch and the blue jay and the hummingbird (I’m not making this up, you people who don’t live in Wisconsin; you have no idea!)  I’m gonna stare at my daughter because she’s so beautiful and eat a lot of asparagus fresh from the garden.  I’m gonna call my sister in California and pet the dogs, no matter how dirty they are.  I’m gonna feed the  chickens and make hamburgers for lunch.  And at 6 PM, the time they say the world is ending, I’m gonna crack open a couple beers, one for me and one for my incredible husband, and turn the music over to jazz, because everyone knows God listens to jazz. 

I was gonna clean house, but I’m re-thinking that now.

And if I wake up tomorrow and the world is still here, hallelujah, I get to do it all again!

I can think of no better reality check than to live a day as if it were your last.  Maybe this is one reason I have turned my heart toward the churches out there that are struggling for their survival.  God is giving you this chance to ask yourselves: if this were our our last Sunday, our last Pentecost, our last potluck, our last choir anthem, our last Sunday School class, what would we do and how would we do it?  Do you want to spend your last days together fighting over the sacred objects or replacing the sump pump in the basement–again?  Or do you want to spend it looking at each other with love, listening to the beautiful music you can make together or even, like one church I interviewed, cracking open a sixpack and laughing together at the time to come? 

Happy May 21st.  May it be  a good last day!

4 responses to “In the Company of Birds

  1. Susan K. Reynolds

    I will spend the day doing what ever I feel like doing because it is all such a load of crap. And yes, I am grateful and appreciative every day for the wonderful life I am living.

  2. Josh Kozlowski

    I was very much against it for the whole day, knowing that in the Bible it states ” “No one knows about that day or hour, not even the angels in heaven, nor the Son, but only the Father.: Matt 24:36

    I always wonder where people get the ideas for all these dates.

    However, even not believing it, I still went on with my day, and thought about it multiple times today. Yes, I did make my usual wise cracks, but deep down, it made me think.

    There is nothing to fear, if you have faith. It’s those who do not have faith, have all to fear.

  3. I guess anything that makes you think deeply and appreciate all you have must come from God, right?

  4. I read this posting on my last day……of work, after 34 years, I walked out of school today and am retired. I’ve been doing lots of reflecting on this experience the past few weeks. The last couple of days, my last ones, I’ve walked lighter, I’ve talked more and smiled more. Many people have expressed their appreciation and love for me. I feel more valued than I have felt for a long time. If more of us received this kind of attention all the time, would the world be a better place? It showed me how much we all need to express our appreciation and love to all those we meet, everyday, and not just at the end of time.

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