What if it’s good?

Ni hao ma? Are things good?

Our family has planned an amazing adventure to visit China this summer, and we leave soon.  The only Mandarin I know is the greeting, “Ni hao ma?”  which means literally, “Are you good?”  At least when I get there, I can greet people.  After that, I’ll be lost!

I know I should be thrilled about this trip, but in fact, I’m scared to death.  I keep thinking of all the things that could go wrong: what if we miss a plane?  What if our guide doesn’t show up?  What if we lose a passport or get sick from the food or get hurt and have to go to the hospital?  I have spent months preparing for all the possibilities, and I’m still worrying.

What hasn’t occurred to me is this: what if things go well?  What if we have fun?  What if we see and do things that change our lives for the better, and forever?  What if our family grows closer because of this experience?  What if something really good happens?

In my experience with churches going through change, I have seen and felt a lot of anxiety about losing things we love from the past.  What if, after the church changes, I don’t like it anymore?  What if the people I love don’t come?  What if the new minister isn’t a good preacher?  What if the new space we meet in isn’t comfortable?  What if we can’t raise enough money to keep going?

Have you ever been at a church meeting where everyone was talking aboutchanging something, and people were saying, “But what if…?”

Maybe next time you could be the one to say, “What if, out of this change, something good actually happens?”

2 responses to “What if it’s good?

  1. You’ll have a blast! I loved China and the folks that took care of us every step of the way. Many, many thanks for your thought/full posts. We are seeing lots of good activity at the church… Pray for a recent proposal’s good outcome. Thanks!

  2. Thanks, Ginger! I often remember your little church, and I will keep you in my prayers.

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