Architectural Revitalization

This past summer, I had occasion to attend a small, local theatre production at a place called Arketype in Green Bay.   The venue was unique because Arketype is not a theatre, but a graphic design and advertising agency.  And it is not housed in an office building, but in the former Grace  Presbyterian Church in Green Bay.

The group that purchased the building did an extensive remodeling that honored the architectural integrity of the facade and stained glass windows.  Even the pews were re-purposed as bookshelves in the basement.

Besides being an award-winning architectural re-visioning, Arketype is also a socially conscious community organization that supports, among other things, progressive community theatre and arts.     Sitting in their atrium watching the play “Angels in America” was almost surreal as I remembered my earlier visits to the building when it was still a church.  Ironically, the vision of this creative business venture may be more hopeful and grand than that of the average congregation…

The shots above are of their great space and there’s some information here:

And check this out!  Dornob appears to be an architectural design firm that “revitalizes” church buildings architecturally for use as upscale homes.

Here’s their website with some photos of church/homes.

What do you think of these?  Is it sacrilege to convert a church into an office or an upscale home?

What about your church?   If it wasn’t a church, what might it be?

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