Do We Worship Too Much?

Well, it’s my blog, so I’m going to be honest: sometimes I think we churches focus too much on worship.  I love worship, but in some struggling churches it is all we really do.  Our best energy and effort is funneled into worship experiences that are designed primarily to please the existing membership.  And then, by Sunday afternoon, we are tapped out for another week and no one has energy to engage in any mission.

So I was intrigued by a new Presbyterian church development called East Broad Outreach Center in Mansfield, Texas .  Pastor Shane Whisler says,  “We asked ourselves: what if you started a church by putting the mission committee in charge?”

Instead of a “church”, they started a mission center that organizes community service projects like a community garden (above), a clothes closet and a food pantry.  They also meet for study once a week and, oh yeah, they worship together once a month.  You can read the Presbyterian News article about it here.

What do you think? Is it still “church” if worship isn’t the central activity?

4 responses to “Do We Worship Too Much?

  1. Great thoughts and insight, Gail. That question has been haunting me for a long time now. Not sure how to make that change among or if it is really possible at all. Thanks for your work…

  2. Hey Wayne! I think worship is still central to the work of the church, but I wonder if the “full service” church can sustain itself in these times. Instead of every church trying to do everything, what if some churches, with their big, beautiful sanctuaries, could attract musicians and singers and artists and create worship for all the rest of us. Other churches could then focus on their particular mission projects, intimate prayer and study, etc. People could gravitate toward the areas of ministry they wanted to engage in, without having to affiliate with only one church. And every church wouldn’t have to own a big building. Of course, this would require us Christians actually working together…

  3. Ah, Gail, you are the dreamer. The Wausau area can’t even support a clergy “association” or anything like that let alone be willing to cooperate in such a self-less venture. I can’t even get the 3 UCC’s to do it!

    Maybe someday.

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