An Update

Some of you may be wondering how my book project is going, so here’s an update:

I started my research on church closures in April, 2010 and have conducted about 24 interviews since that time.  I received a grant from the Louisville Institute in March, 2011.  Since then, I have been working on processing interviews and have outlined all nine chapters of a future book.  Currently, I have the first four chapters drafted.

In early December, I will meet with my reading group, the three people who agreed to offer feedback on the draft.  They include Rev. Linda Kuhn, a Presbyterian pastor and church consultant, Dr. Michael Lukens, retired professor of religious history at St. Norbert College (and a Stated Clerk in the PCUSA), and Janet Puhlmann, an active lay woman in the United Church of Christ, who has seen two churches through closures.

I hope to glean from them wisdom about how the book can serve laypeople, clergy and judicatory leaders dealing with church closures.

The work has slowed somewhat since I am now serving a church part time.  But I intend to do more interviews in the coming year as I complete the remaining draft chapters.

If you know of a publisher that would have an interest in this topic, let me know.  I hope to start marketing it to publishers in 2012.

Thanks  for reading!!  Please continue to share your comments, questions and wisdom.

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