Young Church Infects its Neighbors with Life

Church of All Nations is a young, ethnic church in Minneapolis experimenting with ways to pass its “DNA” to other churches that are in decline, to see if they can generate new spiritual energy.

All Nations, which started as a Korean immigrant church, was itself born out of a dying congregation’s willingness to give its building to the young congregation.

Rev. Jin Kim wrote in Columbia Theological Seminary’s website: “In January of 2006, we moved from our “mother church” to a declining white PCUSA congregation (Grace Church) who had plenty of space. We rented for a few months, but then Grace Church asked if they might merge with us. At the end of July they had a congregational dissolution, after being founded in 1884, and all of their members became members of Church of All Nations, handing us the keys and the title to the building. Incidentally, 1884 is the year that PCUSA missionaries first arrived on the shores of my home country, Korea. So we came full circle, historically speaking. Not one Grace member left after the merger —to the contrary, some long-time Grace members returned little by little after seeing vitality and hope in their beloved building.”

Now All Nations is starting a project to spread energy from its own congregation to struggling churches in the Minneapolis area.  You can read about it here.

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