New Things Growing

Quinn Caldwell is a favorite of mine among the Stillspeaking devotional writers (go to to sign up for these daily readings; they are great).  Today, his reflection echoes my belief that God keeps sending out shoots of new life for our churches and in the world.

But I would add that the problem with a tiny, new shoot is: you may not recognize it as anything more than a weed at first.  If you pluck it when it’s tiny, you may never see the flower it could have produced.

I once visited a new church development that was targetted specifically toward young adults.  Nobody in that church had children, but the fellowship and misison was lively and creative, as it addressed the lifestyles of young singles.  When I went back to my more traditional church and told them about it, someone said dismissively, “I can’t imagine a church that had no children.”   Clearly, the idea didn’t work for that person, but it did work for a lot of young adults!

New ideas are emerging within and outside the Church these days.  Some will not flower into anything that has integrity.  But some will.  When a new idea emerging in your church repels you, don’t reach for the weed killer just yet.  Let it grow and watch.  Maybe it’s the root of Jesse, back to nourish the world again!

Here’s Quinn Caldwell’s reflection.   May your world be “green and rustling with salvation”

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