Three Shifts Needed in Churches

Here’s a short video featuringDavid Lelong, Associate for Evangelism in the PCUSA.  It’s about three areas of church life that we need to be thinking about in new ways:  We must shift our focus from

Inward to Outward: your church must focus as much or more on those outside the walls of the church as it does on those inside.

Program to People: instead of using programs as a mark of a church’s success, we need to examine how our programming is actually creating disciples and tranforming lives.

Institutional to spiritual: are we merely maintaining an institutional structure, or are we actually nurturing people’s spiritual lives and building the Body of Christ?

Consider your church.  Does it have the capacity to re-invent itself with a new focus on the spiritual nurture of people, including those outside our walls?

The good news is that even tiny churches struggling with real estate and staffing issues can shed what is no longer necessary and pursue these new paradigms in ministry with the world.

How could you start?

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