Sacred Space Transformed

The Duomo, Milano, Italy

What makes a building a holy place?  Is a museum full of precious art a holy place?  How about a concert hall filled with the sound of exquisite music?  Does it have to be a church to be sacred space?

When I saw this series of incredible church buildings from around the world, it struck me just how magnificent is the creativity that goes into building a beautiful church.

Not all church buildings are created equal, of course.  Some are cheaply built, grow old and need to be torn down.  Some are so unique they should be preserved so future generations can see what people are capable of creating when inspired by the Great Creator.  And some can be re-made into new kinds of space.

Is your church housed in a building that may someday outlive its usefulness and need to be replaced with something else?  Or is your building truly a peice of art?  Is it an oasis of sublime beauty in a desert of plaster and vinyl?

Here are some photos of beautiful churches that have been re-shaped into new kinds of space: a climbing center, and a bookstore .  And here are some other new uses of old church buildings.   What do you think: is the space still holy?

Thanks to Eric Dye for his blog ChurchMag with its great collection of architectural photos!

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