Springhouse Church Sharing Project

SpringHouse-Ministry-Center-frontHere is a group of churches I really want to interview in Minneapolis.  This article tells how three congregations decided to work together sharing a redesigned space that can work for all of them.

One of my dreams for future churches has to do with shared space.  I imagine church “centers” where a group of churches share various sizes of worship space, administrative offices, parking, etc.  Maybe you could retrofit one of those mega- churches to be an ecumenical church center.  Maybe some events could be done jointly, like certain types of education or community service projects.  But the worship would stay distinctive to each congregation’s character.

I got this idea when I visited the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem.  I worshiped in an alcove there with a Syrian Orthodox congregation.  They were one of several ethnic churches that shared space in that historic and very dusty building.  I thought it was cool!

Can you imagine sharing space with another congregation, or are you already doing that?  What do you imagine the future holds for churches and shared resources?

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