The Visionary Brain

June 2013 014When our daughter was two, a group of church members came to our farm and assembled a swing set for her as a gift.  It was a wonderful gesture of hospitality, and Evy played with it for years.  But after awhile, the appeal of a swing set fades.  By the time she got to middle school it was pretty much abandoned.

One of my husband’s favorite mottos is: I love using junk!  He eyed up (and mowed around) that swingset for a few years.  He was missing the scent of his mother’s line-dried sheets.  He was crafting a plan.

One day when I came home, the swing set had been transformed into a clothesline.  Now we have the freshest smelling sheets in town.

Not to be outdone by his ingenuity, my daughter has created her best artwork using the same motto, she loves using junk!May 2013 018

Here’s a vase of roses she made out of power drink cans.

Evy art 1And here’s some beadwork she made using strips of plastic grocery bags she turned into thread.

Any doofus can gather art or building supplies and learn to make something beautiful or useful.  But it takes a special kind of vision to look at an existing object, dismantle it in your minds’ eye and reassemble it as a new creation.  That is a visionary brain!

I think this is the kind of brain we need in the church.  We need people who can see the church as it is and imagine something even better it could be.  Not that the church isn’t already good; I think today’s Church has all the moving parts it needs to take us closer to Christ’s reign.  But some of those pieces need to be dismantled and re-assembled into creative new shapes.

Some of us cannot imagine what God wants the church to become in the future.  But some of us have visions of what it might be.  Do you have a visionary brain?  Does someone in your church have that kind of brain?  If so, listen to the visions!  And don’t be afraid to dismantle something that can be re-shaped into a beautiful, useful new work of art.

3 responses to “The Visionary Brain

  1. Bobbie Hineline

    Love Evy’s artwork! Great post!

  2. I am grateful for YOUR visionary brain!

  3. Hi Gail:

    May I have permission to reprint this in our newsletter. I love it.

    Also, just a reminder to pencil us in for Nov. 2!


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