A Thanksgiving Poem

Fall, 2012

Fall, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving!   This year, I’m going to try to spend the day considering all the great things God is doing for me right now.

Here’s a poem I wrote some years ago.

Thanksgiving Poem

Just this once, lean back.

Take one hand off the shovel,

let the black earth rest

and lean back against the brick wall

from which all the warmth of summer has already been drawn.

It is autumn now.

The rain has fallen through the night,

and the ashen pillows of clouds have lingered all day

above our heads.

The wind, in heaving gusts,

has blown in the new season.

Everything is changing.

But we have tasted the first winter squash,

The first hen, roasted with applesauce.

We have gathered in the pumpkins

And lined them up by size

like obedient children on the porch.

Lean back, then, just this once

and take in the broad, uncertain sky.

Open the door of your breast and let loose

the dark, gnarled coil you have nursed there.

Just this once, let it go.

Let everything go with outstretched arms.

The welcome guest of this day has come to call.

3 responses to “A Thanksgiving Poem

  1. You draw beautiful word pictures!

  2. Thank you Gail. A nice way to open the day and season.

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