Who’s Saving Who?

Here’s a video  and story about a Minnesota man who decided to fix up an abandoned church in his rural neighborhood.  Still in the process of painting and repairing the roof, his stage four cancer has gone into remission.  The neighbors are encouraged by the dignity his work is giving to the old chapel, built by Czech settlers, and he has a reason to get up every morning.

I don’t know what it is about church buildings.  No, it isn’t magic, but it’s something.  People love them.  When you  fix up an old church, are you saving it, or is it saving you?

Thanks to my friend Stu for sharing this story!

One response to “Who’s Saving Who?

  1. We confess that we “…believe in the seen and unseen…” He’s sharing in the communion of the saints. What a great story – many thanks!

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