A Portable Church

This is a video of Trinity Lutheran Church in Manning, Iowa.  They had declined from 250 members to 13 and decided to close the church in 2006 after celebrating their 125th anniversary.  They wanted to preserve the building and made plans to move it to a new location at an historic park, where it is now used as  a chapel.   The video and song were done by a video production company in cooperation with the congregation.

What do you think when you watch this video?

4 responses to “A Portable Church

  1. Wow! What a feat! It kind of reminded me of saving and revering a butterfly’s empty coccoon, when the real miracle and presence of God is in the ongoing life of the new butterfly.

  2. What a neat video. It brings tears to my eyes. My husband and I served 3 years right out of seminary in a small rural church in Nebraska. After 25 years after we left, just this past year, they closed. The church building has been used now by a new age artist. The bell is still in the bell tower and the people are gone, left and died. There has been discussion about saving the bell somehow.

  3. It’s always sad for a church thats been there that long. You ask, why? Not enough people, can’t get a leader? People who were raised in that area, what are their feelings. By change in location can it bring life back?

  4. When I first saw this it was something that makes you grin, but then I got serious and sad because it was closing, but then I felt happy that it was moving and not decaying and that a new purpose was found.

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